Sulphuric Anodizing

Our unique menu system allows the process to be tailored to a customer’s specific requirement.

Once programmed into the menu database, the exact procedure is followed from load to load. Even after months, the database can be accessed to ensure production consistency and accuracy. Through the process, parts can be certified to Mil-A-8625 Type 2, Class 1 and 2.


Chemical Conversion

West-Tech Finishing Inc. has 8-foot tanks for Chemical Conversion Coating: one tank for gold and one for clear ROHS compliant coatings.

Our computer-controlled processing and strict bath controls ensure that processing meets the highest quality standards. Chemical Conversion Coating are salt spray tested monthly to ensure process control. Parts can be certified to MIL-C-5541E and MIL-DTL 5541F specifications.

Hard Anodizing

With two hard anodizing tanks, two 2,500-amps rectifiers, and over 200 tons of process cooling, West-Tech ensures that it has the capacity to handle various projects, scaled from prototypes to large volume production runs.

Our hard anodizing quality is guaranteed by our computerized processing line, ensuring that exact control of the process is maintained at all times the computer screen shows the operator of all rectifier settings, the tank’s occupation, the estimated time for the load, and the next tank in process. Through this, parts can be certified to Mil-A-8625 Type 3, Class 1 and 2.