Introducing Laser Engraving

West-Tech Finishing Inc. has invested in Laser Engraving.

Once a part has been anodized, we can engrave anything from a part number, logo or a slogan right onto the finished part.

Often, our customers have hundreds of different parts that serve various functions. In order to keep track of them and stay organized, each part can have an assigned numerical ID engraved right into it.

We can now offer that service in addition to our surface treatments.

West-Tech Finishing Inc. handles the parts after they are finished and packages them. We can now also engrave the products prior to packaging.

This saves our customers from having to send the parts to another company to get the engravings, which of course costs more time and more money.

Some companies also offer “rubber stamps” for parts, much like an ink pad. Often, these smudge and over time they eventually fade.

With laser engraving — it’s etched right into the surface. It will never fade and it will never deteriorate. Our laser engraver does not penetrate the anodized coating therefore maintaining its resilience.

We’re pleased with the results and proud to say feedback on the service from customers so far has been positive.

We’ve also teamed up with a NADCAP approved painter to offer painting as a valued added processing to our repertoire and provide a one-stop shop for all your finishing requirements.

For any questions about any of our services, please contact our team at West-Tech Finishing Inc.


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